Please be aware that the e-book available on this page for viewing and download,
contains full frontal male and female nudity


You can read the e-book online, by scrolling down and clicking on the embedded book.

If you would like to download the free e-book, you have the choice of a high resolution version (approx 33Mb), or a low resolution version (approx 8MB). If you are not sure what all this means, the low resolution version is generally fine for viewing on computers and electronic devices.


High resolution version: this can be downloaded via the embed book above. You will be need an ISSUU log in to do this, which may mean creating a free log in (if you do not already have one). If you are unsure how to download from the embedded e-book, scroll down for help)

Low resolution version: Alternatively, for those not wanting to create an ISSUU log in and/or not wanting a high resolution version of the e-book,                      simply click here to immediately start downloading a low resolution version of the e-book to your computer.


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* If you are unsure how to download the high resolution version of e-book, here is some help.

While reading the embedded e-book, just under the e-book and to the right you will see five icons. The fist icon is a box with an arrow leaping out from it (this is to the left of the magnifying glass icon).  Click on the icon of the box with the arrow leaping out from it, and some new options will appear above the icon in writing. One of these will be 'download', which you now click on to download your e-book. 

As an aside, the last icon is of two arrows diagonally facing each other, click on this if you want to minimise the e-book and return the webpage.



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