An opportunity to become involved in this and other projects!

For those that have enjoyed this free e-book, or appreciate the aim of the project, here is some great news! You too can make a difference!

 You can be part of keeping this project going! Spread the word about the project, so that others can access it and obtain the free e-book.

You can also support the project, by ensuring that it continues to be available for others to access and you can also help create new projects!

Did you know that it costs:

$1 to keep the website going for 3 days.

$5 to keep the website going for two weeks.

$10  to keep the website going for a month.

$20 to keep the domain name going for a year.

$50 to keep the website going for 5 months.

$60 to keep the website going for half a year.

$100 to keep the website going for 10 months.

$120 to keep the website going for a  full year.


If you have capacity to make a small, medium or large contribution, you can!

You can use the spare change in your pocket to keep this project going  and to also help create new photographic projects!

Any monies that are received, will firstly go towards the basic running costs of the site, anything received above this will be put towards creating new projects aimed at creating awareness around prejudice!

What are these new projects? One long term project that Matthew has been slowly working on (amongst a few others), is on gender prejudice!

You can use the Paypal button below to make a donation / contribution. If you would like to contribute a different way (i..e provide a cheque or become involved in future projects etc), please use the contact section to send me a message and lets talk!  As I am not a registered charity, If being able to claim all of your donations in your tax return is important to you, please talk to your tax agent before deciding to make a contribution.




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