A short history of the project.

From 2012 - today.

2012 - Late 2013. The idea of a project on body prejudice swirls about Matthew's mind as he continues slowly working on his long term gender prejudice project - "Feminine-masculine: exploring gender prejudice".

Late 2013- Mid 2014.  Family, friends, clients and even strangers increasingly openly comment on Matthews' fluctuating weight.  Matthew decides to put his other projects to the side and focus on a new project on middle aged men and the expectations (and prejudices) on how their bodies should look. Matthew starts talking about this idea to a few friends and and gains interest from men wanting to take part.

16/07/14. Matthew starts by taking some test shots of himself. The next day he has his first model, and then another the day after that. The proverbial ball has started to roll!

August 2014. After talking to a few female friends about his project who express interest in being part of something similar. Matthew re-imagines the project as an inclusive one on body prejudice. This issue crosses age and gender lines.

August 2014 - Feb 2015.  Matthew photographs males and females of various ages and shapes, clothed, unclothed, some faces hidden and some shown. After talking to friend and designer Daniela Esposito, about the costs involved in creating an e-book, the project shifts from an online gallery of images and text, to a free downloadable e-book.

November 2014. A Kickstarter campaign starts, to raise $2,200 to pay for the design of the free e-book. The book will contain images and a lite meta review of the impact of body prejudice. It is expected to be ready by March/April 2015.

December 2014. The campaign is a success! 58 people via kickstarter fund over $2,400 for the project.

24/01/2015  Journalist for the Age, Suzanne Carbone mentions the project in her article -  "Photographers' taboo-busting images expose private parts to public domain"

Feb 2015. The last model poses for the project.

Feb-May 2015. Matthew spends time working on the photographic images, reading literature on body prejudice and its impacts, as well as writing an 'every person's' readable meta review for the e-book. Eight drafts later and with help from four different friends (Paula Rowe, Eric Meadows, James Houghton and AK) who put their professional hands up to offer editorial suggestions, the writing is complete. Matthew meets with the book designer (Daniela Esposito) and they select the final images to be used in the e-book.

May-June 2015. Matthew and Daniela  work out a flow for the images and text. Final corrections are made on the ebook and it is ready. Matthew seeks legal advice on publishing an e-book with full frontal nudity. He also purchases a domain name (braveorbeautiful.com) and creates a website for the project. At the suggestion of people wishing to make a contribution to the ongoing costs of maintaining the project/site, he adds a donations button.

July 2015. The ebook is ready and the website launches.







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